Watson Dumbbells

You will notice that we have Ultimate fitness dumbbells, these are from Watson Dumbbells, we invest in the best, so you achieve the best. Simply put, Watson Dumbbells are the highest quality dumbbells currently on offer anywhere in the world. Having started off as a simple one-man company operating out of a garage in 1999, Watson now supplies their dumbbells to gyms all over the world. Their success can be attributed to offering workout equipment of incredible quality time and time again.

Who are Watson Dumbbells designed for?

One of the great things about Watson Dumbbells is that they are designed for use by anyone and everyone. They come in incremental weight increases making them suitable for people of all different levels of strength. Incorporating Watson Dumbbells into your workouts can add extra flexibility and variety to your routines. At the same time, you can better target all muscle groups and improve your muscle strength and stamina.

What makes Watson Dumbbells so special?

When deciding on which dumbbells to stock at Ultimate Fitness Birmingham we surveyed all companies who were offering their equipment. We finally settled on Watson for a few key reasons, this includes:

They are a company who are trusted worldwide

Though we only stock their dumbbells, Watson manufacturer a whole range of workout equipment that is universally loved. They ship all over the world and this is testament to the continued quality they offer in everything they build.

Their bespoke design

When ordering our dumbbells, Watson ensured that what we received was a bespoke and custom built set of dumbbells designed to suit our member’s needs and represent what we stand for. Aside from our branding on the side, our range of weights was selected based on the exact needs of our members.

They are built to last

Watson Dumbbells are certainly not the cheapest available and you can tell why when you assess the finished quality of the equipment. They are all hand-made here in the UK and are built to last, offering reliability and added safety for everyone using them.

Further improving the service we offer

We believe in offering the ultimate workout experience in Birmingham, and the Watson Dumbbells help us to achieve this mission, the biggest weight we have in our gym in Birmingham City Centre is 65kg. The strength and reliability they offer encapsulate the experience we want our members to have when using us. They allow you greater flexibility in your workout routine and will help you to achieve your fitness goals. Finally, they are yet another sign of the continuing commitment we have to improving the service we offer at Ultimate Fitness Birmingham. All of our equipment is hand selected to fit the needs of our members and we choose to stock the latest and most advanced equipment available.

If you are not yet a member of Ultimate Fitness Birmingham, then we encourage you to come down and inspect our facility. You can view the range of Watson Dumbbells we have on offer and check out all of the other advanced equipment we stock. We believe we are the go-to workout facility now operating in Birmingham and would be happy to help you achieve your personal fitness goals.

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