Locations Near To Ultimate Fitness Gym Birmingham

Voted BEST independent Gym in the West Midlands. Over 3 floors and includes the Midlands-only ROOFTOP gym.

Birmingham City Centre

Gym Birmingham City Centre

Personal Trainers Birmingham City Centre

Body Building Gym Birmingham City Centre

Sports Massage Birmingham City Centre


Balsall Heath

Gym near Balsall Heath

Personal Trainers near Balsall Heath

Body Building Gym near Balsall Heath

Sports Massage near Balsall Heath



Gym near Bearwood

Personal Trainers near Bearwood

Body Building Gym near Bearwood

Sports Massage near Bearwood



Gym near Digbeth

Personal Trainers near Digbeth

Body Building Gym near Digbeth

Sports Massage near Digbeth



Gym near Edgbaston

Personal Trainers near Edgbaston

Body Building Gym near Edgbaston

Sports Massage Edgbaston



Gym near Harborne

Personal Trainers near Harborne

Body Building Gym near Harborne

Sports Massage near Harborne



Gym near Moseley

Personal Trainers near Moseley

Body Building Gym near Moseley

Sports Massage near Moseley



Gym near Smethwick

Personal Trainers near Smethwick

Body Building Gym near Smethwick

Sports Massage near Smethwick


West Midlands

Gym West Midlands

Personal Trainers West Midlands

Body Building Gym West Midlands

Sports Massage West Midlands