Our Top Tips to That Summer Beach Body


MARCH, 2019

If you have let your nutrition and fitness goals slide over the winter months do not worry, there is still time to pull things back! Take full advantage whilst time is still on your side – rushing in a panic won’t yield long-lasting results. Just follow our suggestions below and you’ll be on your way and looking great by the time the sun arrives.


You know the old adage, ‘fail to prepare, then prepare to fail’ – well that applies across many areas of life. When we’re talking about health, it’s vital to clear the decks of the unhealthy food products you no longer need so the temptation is removed. Donate items to your local food bank or homeless charity so that it doesn’t go to waste. Once you have done this you can stock up on healthy nutritious food and plenty of herbs and spices to make your diet interesting and good for you. Another fantastic way to ensure you stay on track with your goals is to prep your food in advance, this makes sense in more ways than one. Not only will you be less likely to eat unhealthy foods you will also save money and time by cooking in bulk.

2. Set Clear Targets / Goals

Just striving to lose ‘a bit’ of weight isn’t a clear enough goal. Psychologically, you don’t have a proper target, and you won’t know when you’ve passed the finishing line. So be specific – set your aims – ‘I want to lose 24 lbs. I want to lose it by (name the date). I want to do this because (name the reasons). When I have achieved my goal I’ll feel (happy/fitter/more attractive/more worthy)’. Visualising these feelings will make it all the more real. It is worthwhile having these targets somewhere where you can see them every day to keep them firmly in your mind.

3. Fat Is Essential

Good fats, (think coconut oil, natural peanut butter, avocado and especially Omega-3 rich oily fish like mackerel and salmon) are essential to good health. They play many roles in the body, including minimising inflammation and regulating hormone production.

4. Choose Food Wisely

Better food choices will alter your body shape. And slow-release carbs like porridge, nuts, couscous or sweet potatoes are the perfect place to start. With slow-releasing energy, you stay fuller for longer, so make these your choice of carbs at meal times. We have fully prepped meals that will make eating healthy easy for you, learn all about meal prep here.

5. Take A Before Picture

Don’t forget that as you make progress, you may relapse at some stage. A ‘before’ pic of you looking your worst will work wonders if you pin it on the fridge. Ask yourself if you want that slice of cake, more than you want toned abs?

6. Select The Right Workout for You

Choose the workout to compliment what you want to achieve. Often, one area of the body needs more work than another, but whatever you do – don’t totally neglect one area totally. If you’re working the upper body and leaving out the legs, then your look will be unbalanced after a while. If you prefer cardio over weights, then embrace cardio. Anything that gets you moving and active is positive. We have many personal trainers in our gym, if you need a boast to get you going book in a session with one of them.

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7. Build Muscle With Protein

Protein is vital to help torn muscle fibre repair after a workout. Great foods for this are eggs, fish and white meat like chicken or turkey. Speak to one of our team members about your diet, and how protein can help your specific body goals.

8. Ensure you REST!

Sleep is when your body grows, repairs and restores itself. If you love the gym, resting won’t come naturally, but research shows that by resting once or twice a week, you are then able to work at peak performance when you return. If you work constantly, there’s no ‘down’ time for the body to renew. Even the most dedicated of us need the time out. Sleep is one of the most ignored requirements for both weight gain and loss. 6 or 7.5 hours is ideal for most people.

9. Water Water Water

Quite simply we need water to stay hydrated, to think clearly and to be able to work out well. By the time we feel thirsty the body is already beginning to be dehydrated. If you fancy a change, try herbal teas or fruit infusions. Alcohol has no place in the training regime for a great beach body!

10. Reward Yourself

As well as looking great, you may need another incentive to keep you motivated. How about a luxury spa day? Or a day trip out with a loved one. Maybe a whole new wardrobe? Buy a pair of jeans, or a new dress that you want to get into and place it in a prominent position in your wardrobe! Motivate yourself. Whatever it is – commit to having something to work towards. You deserve it!


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