Start 2018 the right way

2018 is here! The team at Ultimate Fitness Birmingham hope that you had a great festive period. For many, a new year means starting at the gym to improve fitness levels, lose weight, build muscle and many other reasons. The problem for many, is that by the end of the first month, many give up due to lack of progress or lack of knowledge on what training is best for them. We have some of the best Personal Trainers on the planet all of whom specialise in different areas of training but all are friendly, approachable and qualified.

Why Have a Personal Trainer

1) Lose fat and get lean
Achieving a lean, toned body is hard work – you need to torch fat and maintain what muscle you have. That’s why having a Personal Trainer to advise and motivate you through your individual training and nutrition plan is key to succeeding.

2) Build muscle
Want to bulk up, packing on muscle, size and strength fast? Are you traditionally a “hard-gainer”? Have your results hit a plateau? Our Personal Trainers can take you to the next level.

3) Improve your overall fitness
Have you just come back from injury or maybe you feel your just not getting anywhere with your training and are a bit stuck – do not fear! Our Personal Trainers can set you on the road to recovery. Why not have a consultation and talk through what you need.

Drop in and have an informal chat with our Personal Trainers, or check out our Personal Trainer page, and contact them directly.