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Leilas passion for personal training comes from her strong ethos of “each day is another chance to change your life.” After playing women’s football for 10 years, with her favourite highlight being winning the league with Stoke City Ladies, she had a back injury. This was the changing point for her, and its when she had to rebuild her body, her strength and channel her mindset, she became addicted to the gym and helping others with their own personal struggles and challenges.

She knows that EVERY success story starts and ends in the mind, so step out of your comfort zone. Utilise your inner power, and make the change you have always dreamed off. It really starts and ends with you.

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Leila Hopkins PT Client Transformation
Leila Hopkins PT 12 wk Client Transformation

“each day is another chance to change your life.”

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So if you are looking for a solid pathway and plan to success, let Leila Hopkins guide you on that path. See how amazing life outside your comfort zone is. Personal Training that is truly tailored and unique to you. It does not matter what your goals are, or what your experience level is. You CAN do it! Drop her a booking request below.

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