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Emmanuel is the founder and lead trainer at Emmanuel Fitness. Although he is physically fit and healthy, that hasn’t always been the case. Three years ago, he was underweight and had developed poor nutritional habits. He was ready to make a change, so he decided to take control of his health and fitness. He wasn’t born a fitness nut. He had to change his habits and push through barriers just like you do. Emmanuel understands what you are going through and can relate to the temptations you face every day. That’s why he knows he can help you.

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• Master Trainer (European Institute of Fitness)
• Nutrition Coach
• Exercise Specialist
• Lifestyle & Fitness Coach

… when it came to the workout Emmanuel took me beyond my comfort zone and helped to show me I was a lot stronger than I thought I was and I could do anything if I put my mind to, he is not only a trainer but also a listening ear at the time. Emmanuel is passionate and genuinely care about his clients and their progress and yes he will be texting to check if you are sticking to the plan and always at the time you are thinking it will not hurt…


Training for a few years and I had the mindset that training hard allowed you to eat whatever you wanted as you will burn it during your workout. I was just getting a lot of body fat more than 30%. when I met Emmanuel the first thing he did was to change my approach in term of food but also in term of my training technique…


…willpower and motivation, when it comes to losing weight and getting fit, it.s something that I really struggle with. I have all the motivation in the world at work but it just does not happen in the same way when I need to get off my butt, work out, and eat the right things. My preconceptions of what personal trainer was going to be like faded away as soon as I started working with Emmanuel. he tailored his approach to suit me and encouraged me whilst also pushing me. It was hard really hard but really enjoyable too…


areas of expertise

body composition

fat loss

building muscle

specific demographics (pregnant, diabetics, mature adults)

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