The Top 6 New Year’s Resolutions And How To Stick To Them



At the turn of every New Year, the first thing on everyone’s mind is “what will be my New Year’s resolution?” Well, by February, 80% of people can’t even remember what their resolution was! It’s the same story every year. So it’s time to break the mould and to see things through this year. Here are the 6 most common resolutions and how to achieve them.

1. Lose weight

Thousands of people set this every year and that’s why gyms are suddenly inundated with new members who then cancel after just one or two months after Christmas. We would argue that the key to success here is all about taking baby steps. People hit the gym too hard at the start of the new year, going 4, 5 or even 6 times a week.

It’s simply not maintainable. Neither is going cold turkey on all your favourite snacks all at once. Instead, focus on creating fun and enjoyable workouts that you do just 2 or 3 times a week. As well as slowly cutting out junk food bit by bit and introducing healthier meals. This routine is much easier to stick to all year round. You will then be able to lose weight slowly and in a manageable way.

2. Exercise more

This resolution perhaps claims even more victims than the first one, simply because there is no immediate, tangible benefit. At least if you say you’re going to lose weight, you have something to weigh your success against. As such, the key with the “exercise more” resolution is to create an end goal that needs to be achieved by a very specific date. This could be anything, such as:

● You’re running a marathon in April and want to do it in less than 4 hours
● You need to get your resting heart rate down to a safe level in 3 months time in order to avoid health complications

3. Learn a new skill or hobby

To achieve this, there are two key rules you need to follow. The first is to set milestones. Rather than saying you want to become a master fisherman by the end of the year, you need to instead set yourself manageable targets over a 12 month period.

Such as learning how to cast a certain distance by March and then how to have a working knowledge of every type of lure by June. And so on. The next part of the equation is all about holding yourself accountable. Learning a new skill is almost always a very personal challenge. So be harsh on yourself in terms of making sure you hit each predefined target.

4. Drink less alcohol

This is a big one and actually a very important resolution for many. Cutting back on alcohol can lead to numerous benefits for yourself and those around you. Especially if you think that your alcohol use is becoming a problem. We would argue that the most important thing you need to do here is to create a support network.

Even if your drinking isn’t a problem, find people who will support you and encourage you in your pursuit of drinking less. Surround yourself by these people, as opposed to those friends who are always out partying and would want you to cheat on your resolution. Then, when you are tempted to drink heavy amounts, refer to these people to help stop you.

5. Eat more healthily

Eating more healthily goes part in parcel with other resolutions here, such as losing weight and exercising. Alternatively, it could just be to make yourself feel better. Which is great! And the key to sticking to this is to create good habits. Unhealthy eating comes down to years of being lazy with your diet and snacking at all times of the day.

Instead, replace those bad habits with good ones. Like always eating at predefined times and committing to learning one new healthy recipe a week. Over time, these good habits can take hold and change your daily and weekly eating habits. Fundamentally altering the way you enjoy food.

6. Spend more time on your well being

What a great New Year’s resolution! And one that should certainly not be taken lightly. Very few people realize the importance of looking after their well-being. What with so many other things going on around them. We believe that the key here is to strictly set aside time each and every day to do something that you want to do, that helps drown out the minutiae of everyday life.

Basically, every day you reward yourself with something you love doing. Simply because you deserve to do this to yourself! By offering yourself these small rewards every single day, you create what is known as a virtuous cycle. You can feel better and better each and every day just for being you. In turn, you become happier in yourself and start enjoying everything else around you as well.

Healthy New Year's Resolutions

The key to making your New Year’s resolutions stick

What’s the real secret to being successful all year round with your resolution? Well, using all of the tips given above, rather than just one or two. That’s right, all of these lessons can be applied to any resolution. Here they are again:

● Holding yourself accountable
● Setting very precise goals
● Having milestones throughout the year
● Creating good habits
● Offering yourself rewards
● Don’t expect too much, too early on
● Create a support network

There is one final tip that applies to all of these that is very simple, but incredibly powerful. And that is, to only set yourself one goal next year. Though a year might seem like a long time, you will soon accomplish nothing if you overwhelm yourself with too many things to do. Instead, focus everything you have on just one goal, and see it through to the end. In a year’s time you’ll look back and realise just how far you’ve come in the last 12 months. Best of luck!


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