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As one of the world’s leading voices on bodybuilding and weightlifting, it’s fair to say that everyone can learn a thing or two from Kris Gethin. His revolutionary training methods and techniques have helped to shape the workouts of millions of people worldwide; including a large number of other pro bodybuilders.

So who is Kris Gethin exactly?

As Kaged Muscle’s official website puts it, “Kris Gethin has established himself as one of the most versatile fitness entrepreneurs in the industry”. This is hard to argue with as, in recent years, Kris has been a leading name in many of the industry’s largest and most reputable fitness magazines. Millions tune in every month to watch his video content, read his articles and to buy products that he owns and promotes.

He is perhaps most famously known for developing, what he coined, the Dramatic Transformation Principle (DTP). This involves high volume, high-intensity workouts which effectively target both high twitch and slow twitch muscle fibers simultaneously. DTP takes many forms, but it is known for helping you to build lean muscle mass, whilst also helping you to shred fat and add defined muscle growth. Learn more about the DTP here.

How did it all begin for Kris Gethin?

Despite the fact that he now spends most of his time in the USA, Kris was actually born in Wales. Bodybuilding wasn’t his first passion. Instead, it was motorcross to which he dedicated most of his time and energy. He first became involved in lifting weights after suffering a rather serious back injury during a motocross race.

Over time, he rebuilt his strength and started to take his newfound love for weightlifting to new levels. He spent years studying the most famous bodybuilders, experimenting with new workouts and dieting regimes, before starting to compete. He quickly rose through the ranks to become one of the biggest names on the bodybuilding circuit.

His first competition was the MetRx First Timers Wales contest, where he placed second. Following successful performances in subsequent contests, he then went on to become editor-in-chief for, helping to grow the site to the giant it is today. What’s so fascinating about Kris Gethin is that he is still very much in the rapid growth stage of his career.

Having already accomplished so much, it’s easy to think that his career is over and he will soon be stepping away from the limelight. However, exactly the opposite is true. As of 2019 he is aged just 37, and we expect to see much more from him in the coming years as he pushes his body to new limits and continues to share the wealth of fitness knowledge he has so far accumulated.

His biggest bodybuilding accomplishments in the last 2 decades

● Finished 2nd in the Natural World Bodybuilding Championships
● Came 1st in the Natural Idaho Championships
● Founded and developed the widely popular Dramatic Training Principle
● Has worked extensively in the field of bodybuilding publications. Including being a writer for Muscle News, FLEX magazine, Max Sports, Iron Man, Muscle Mag and many more
● He was formerly the Editor-in-Chief of
● Has authored 6 of his own books

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#throwbackthursday 2015 . As I sit here 3 days before my 70.3 @ironmantri this weekend I am already planning my 2019 assault. In the first quarter of next year I plan on refocusing my attention purely into bodybuilding and holding back on my endurance events. My goal is to surpass this size, shape and conditioning. . By the time I get back into the gym in 2019, I would’ve ceased weight training for 8 months while attempting to lose muscle but next year the tide will change; I will be teaming up with my Welsh brother and the best darn prep coach in the world @neil_yoda_hill1. I’m honored that I’ll be pushed to my limits by the same person who coaches my friends and world class athletes @flex_lewis @william_bonac and @ryanjterry . Neil has always been a great friend, awesome mentor and an encyclopedia for me. I want to learn more, try new things, accomplish new challenges, and break barriers. 2019 is that year. . I assumed that it will take me around 8 months to reach this goal but after speaking with Neil, he seems to think it could be as little as 6 months. . 1.Who do you think is right? 2.Do you think I can do it? * * * #bodybuilding #transformation #manofiron #krisgethin #gratitude #bodybuilding #fitfam #healthy #muscles #igfitfam #hardwork #weighttraining #bodybuildingmotivation #fitnessaddict #eatclean #kagedmuscle #partanimalpartmachine #notimetobleed #painisweaknessleavingthebody #knowledgewithoutmileageisbullshit #fatloss #muscle #musclebuilding #shredding #tattoos #inkedmuscle #tattoomuscle #trashpolkatattoo

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What is he up to these days?

What does Kris Gethin not do?! He is an incredibly active individual, simultaneously pursuing a number of fitness and business-related ventures every week. His activities include the following …

Work within the bodybuilding industry

He continues to regularly publish incredible content to help inspire and educate other bodybuilders. His downloadable video series on now has more than 150 million views! He also tours the world hosting seminars and attending conferences. This included hosting a live seminar here at Ultimate Fitness Birmingham back in May 2018.

Managing his personal ventures

Perhaps his two biggest ventures are Kaged Muscle and Kris Gethin Gyms, which are increasingly popular brands all around the world. Kaged Muscle is a supplement company offering a whole array of pre, intra and post workout supplements. Whilst his gym chain has branches all across India, and soon, the UK.

Training others

In the past, he has trained many big-name Bollywood stars, such as Ranveer Singh, Hrithik Roshan, Mahesh Babu, and John Abraham; as well as a variety of pro athletes and billionaires. On top of this, he has personally certified more than 800 other personal trainers.

Pursuing hybrid athleticism

Kris Gethin believes in and trains towards something known as “hybrid athleticism”. Which means that, though he may look like a bodybuilder on the outside, this is not the only sport that he has limited himself to. Instead, he trains extensively for and competes in ultramarathons and Ironman competitions. He has built his body to become a machine for endurance and this is where he focuses much of his physical attention.

For more guides and advice, direct from Kris himself, we recommend checking out the blogs on his personal site, and on
Kaged Muscle. And don’t forget his YouTube channel as well. They are filled with articles and videos on nutrition and training, relating to all aspects of bodybuilding, triathlons, and ultra-marathons.


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