Ditch The Energy Drinks With These 7 All Natural Caffeine Alternatives

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AUGUST, 2018

Let’s face it, energy drinks are far from natural. Sure, they might contain some natural ingredients, like caffeine, guarana and fruit juice. But the majority of what they are made up of is sugar, E-colours, additives and preservatives. And yes, a can of Red Bull each morning might help to get you pumped and awake.

But how about that crash which comes about 30 minutes later? Instead, there are plenty of energy-boosting, natural caffeine alternatives. Many of which are packed with some wonderful additional health benefits. So here are some of our favourites.

1. Good ol’ coffee

More than 2 billion cups of coffee get drunk in the world every single day! That’s crazy. But there’s a simple reason why … it works. It gives you a big hit of caffeine and also tastes pretty darn great. We wouldn’t recommend you drink 10 cups a day, but an Americano in the morning is a low calorie, effective way to start your day and avoid the sugar crash.

2. Green Tea

Green Tea is arguably the healthiest drink on Earth. Amongst other benefits, it can heighten mental focus, improve fat burning efforts and lower your risk of brain disease. It also contains a healthy dose of antioxidants and leaves you feeling refreshed and energised.

3. Kola nuts

Originating in Africa, the Kola Nut is one of the most underrated natural caffeine alternatives available in the UK. It can improve blood circulation, aid digestion and speed up your metabolism. It also boosts alertness and energy levels due to the high dose of caffeine it contains.

4. Guarana

Guarana is an all natural caffeine alternative that has been used by native Brazilians for generations. In the UK, it is commonly found in small doses alongside caffeine in energy drinks. As well as giving you a hit of caffeine it also decreases your appetite, burns fat cells and speeds up the metabolism.

5. Ilex Guayusa

Ilex Guayusa is also native to Brazil or, more specifically, the Amazon Rainforest. The leaves are dried and brewed to drink as tea, and the resulting drink offers a caffeine hit that leaves you stimulated and alert. If drunk regularly, it can also help decrease your risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

6. Yaupon Holly

Yaupon Holly comes from North America and, once again, the leaves are turned into tea to activate the caffeine properties they contain. They contain a healthy dose of antioxidants and polyphenols, which have been found to offer up an incredible list of health benefits.

7. Cocoa Beans

Why not start eating more cocoa beans? Or more specifically, chocolate! Yes, it’s true, cocoa beans contain far less caffeine than coffee beans, but they are still a wonderful alternative. Just be sure to eat dark chocolate as this contains much higher levels of cocoa than milk chocolate.

Ginseng is a natural caffeine alternative

Say no to caffeine altogether!

Who said that caffeine is the only substance that can boost your energy levels? These 4 caffeine alternatives can be much healthier and give you many of the same effects …


Ginseng offers up a whole host of incredible health benefits. Such as boosting your immune system, decreasing blood sugar levels and even helping with erectile dysfunction! And of course, you also receive a sharper mental focus and mild increase in energy levels.

Yerba Mate

Yerba Mate won’t give you with quite the same buzz as, say coffee, but will provide many of the same added benefits. As well as a natural boost in energy, it will help aid greater mental focus. Whilst its thermogenic properties mean it’s good for increasing the rate at which you burn fat.


A wonderful benefit of Yohimbe is that it can also aid in fat loss by blocking some of your body’s receptors that store fat. And the stimulating effects of Yohimbe are much more intense than caffeine. Just be aware that it is considerably more expensive, and harder to find in the UK.

Vitamin B12

Just like caffeine, Vitamin B12 boosts energy levels by working within your nervous system. However, the difference is that B12 does this by keeping your system functioning healthily, whilst simultaneously reducing your body’s stress hormones. This leads to decreased fatigue and higher energy levels.

Kicking energy drinks out of your diet

So there you have it! 7 incredible, all-natural caffeine alternatives, as well as 4 other ample sources of quick energy. By saying no to your morning and pre-workout energy drink, and opting instead for one of these, you’ll soon wonder how you ever went without. And who knows what other incredible health benefits you’ll unlock along the way!

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