10 reasons to hire a personal trainer

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MAY, 2018
Everyone has different reasons for visiting the gym. It could be to lose weight, pack on muscle in time for summer or to simply feel better about themselves. In much the same way, everyone has different reasons for working with a personal trainer.

Personal trainers offer a number of unique benefits and can help you to achieve your fitness goals much more quickly and more effectively than on your own. So, if you’ve been thinking about hiring a personal trainer for a while now, here are ten top reasons to finally say yes.

1. You want to avoid or overcome an ongoing injury

One of the best reasons for working with a personal trainer is that they understand form and how to perform exercises correctly. By learning new exercises directly from an experienced personal trainer, you can help to avoid developing any serious injuries. Even more important is that personal trainers offer you the chance to help overcome existing injuries you might be suffering from.

Leila Hopkins is one of the most experienced personal trainers here at Ultimate Fitness Birmingham. Her story is rather unique, as she first started exercising in the gym to help overcome a back injury she developed through playing professional football. She soon found solace in her new workout environment and went on to become a fully qualified personal trainer.

After reshaping her own body, she has now dedicated her life to helping others do the same. She works with a whole range of people, including those just starting out at the gym, as well as people who wish to compete in the professional bodybuilding arena. As you might imagine, she’s a very popular trainer for female clients in particular, as they find her story inspirational.

2. You’re just getting started at the gym

Starting out at the gym is by no means a simple process. With so many types of equipment available, and with everyone telling you conflicting information, it can be hard to know what sort of routines are right for you. Worse yet, if you start on a routine that is too aggressive for your lack of experience, you could end up doing yourself some serious injury.

For this reason, hiring a personal trainer is a great choice if you are just starting out. They can help you to identify exactly what you want to gain from being at the gym. They can then craft a tailored workout plan that will help you to achieve your aims. This will save you hours of wasted time spent researching ineffective plans and help you see results far more quickly.

One of our personal trainers at Ultimate Fitness Birmingham

3. You’re looking to boost your weight loss efforts

One of the most popular reasons people have for visiting the gym is to lose weight. At first, joining the gym and getting stuck into your workouts will help you to see very rapid results. However, over time it’s natural for your efforts to plateau as your body becomes used to the workouts and weight loss slows.

Well, hiring a personal trainer is a great way to help you regain momentum with weight loss efforts. Not only can they help you with tailored routines that focus on fat loss, they can also help you in the more important aspect of your success … your diet. Here at Ultimate Fitness, many of our members turn to Robert Alexander to help them with losing weight.

Robert is our self-proclaimed “weight loss expert” and he’s certainly got the credentials to back that up. He believes his success with clients lies in placing incredible attention to detail and creating bespoke workouts and lifestyle plans. This is contrary to the “one-size-fits-all” nutritional plans you might find online that lead to poor results and a lot of money spent on expensive supplements.

4. You want to improve your confidence

Let’s face it, the gym can be an intimidating place to be. This is the case for both men and women of all ages and all shapes and sizes. It is hard to step into a gym environment when you feel everyone around you is judging you and wondering if what you are doing is right. For many, hiring a personal trainer is a great alternative.

With their guidance and support, you can feel confident that what you are doing is correct. With them there by your side helping you through your workouts, you can quickly improve your confidence, motivation and enjoyment from exercising.

5. You want to start competing

After spending a few months or years working out, it’s natural to want to step your game up a notch. There are plenty of competitive bodybuilding circuits around that cater to people with varying levels of experience. If you are just starting out in the competitive world of bodybuilding and fitness modeling, then hiring a personal trainer is a crucial step to take.

They can help you to identify your goals and get your body ready for the competition. There’s so much to learn, especially as you near the event and need to cut your fat ratio right down. Even if you are a more experienced bodybuilder, the success you achieve in these competitions will come down to the small details that you can only pick up after years spent competing.

Lee Atlas Harding is Ultimate Fitness Birmingham’s resident competition specialist. He has won numerous bodybuilding competitions of his own and has helped people all over the world to achieve similar levels of success. In particular, he is renowned for his ability to craft specialised dietary plans that get real results for those looking to compete. Learn more about our Mr Universe here.

Bodybuilding Competition Prep Personal Trainer

6. You’re no longer seeing results from your own routines

One of the most common reasons to hire a personal trainer is because you’ve been visiting the gym for a while but have started to see fewer results. The reasons for this can vary. But usually, the root cause is that your muscles are simply not getting challenged in the same way they were previously.

Your body will naturally become more accustomed to the same old routines, and instead, you need to mix things up in order to keep pushing your muscles to exhaustion. By bringing in a personal trainer, they can show you new and exciting routines that you wouldn’t have known to try otherwise. This can help you to start building muscle faster and more effectively than ever before.

7. You want to improve your diet

Regardless of your exact fitness ambitions, there is one key rule you need to learn. And that is, 80% of your results are made in the kitchen, not in the gym. You can push your body to the limits with grueling 2-hour workouts, 5 times a week. But, unless you are eating properly, you will have little to show for your efforts.

This is the case regardless of if you’re trying to lose weight, bulk up or pack on lean muscle in time for summer. Though you can access a lot of information online about good fitness nutrition, there really is no alternative to working with a personal trainer. They will be able to accurately identify your aims, craft a diet plan that suits you and answer your most pressing questions in person.

8. You want sport-specific training

If you’re training for an upcoming event, such as a marathon or triathlon, then hitting the gym is a great way to boost your performance. Carrying out a mixture of cardiovascular and weight resistance training can help to improve your performance in almost all sports. And by working with a personal trainer, you can identify exactly what exercises are best suited to your particular sport or event.

They can work with you to design a custom-made exercise and diet plan that will best compliment your goals. By mixing up your sports training with exercises at the gym, you can help keep things exciting and varied. You can also access the motivation you need to keep going when times get tough and you’re feeling overwhelmed by it all.

9. You want to access new techniques and information

Each and every year, more and more studies are being performed into both exercise and nutrition. Those in the know, and who follow these studies, can stay up to date with new workout techniques and nutritional tips that can improve the results you get from visiting the gym. Well, personal trainers are the ones in the know who possess such a fountain of knowledge.

By working with a personal trainer you can gain immediate access to the most up-to-date information on new techniques and the effect that diets have on your success. Instead of wasting hours online trying to access this information and gain misinformed advice, you can choose to hire a fully qualified expert in the field.

Here at Ultimate Fitness Licino Gabriel Alves is the go-to guy for everything related to new health and fitness science and exercise trends. By constantly trialling new techniques and tweaking his own diet plans, he knows what works best and can help you keep your workouts modern and fresh. He believes his ongoing education is key to his own personal success as an endurance athlete.

10. What can you gain from a personal trainer?

As mentioned throughout, different personal trainers can specialise in certain key areas of health and fitness. Which is great as it allows you to get exactly what you need from your personal trainer. To sum up, personal trainers can cover all of the following and more.

– Motivating you during sessions
– Invigorating your boring routines
– Showing you new workouts
– Helping you to avoid injury
– Helping you with your diet plans
– Crafting workout plans that compliment other sports you do
– Supporting you as you start out at the gym

Choosing the right personal trainer for you

The first stage of choosing the perfect personal trainer is to decide exactly what you’re looking to achieve. Ask yourself the following questions:

– Are you still excited and passionate about visiting the gym?
– Do you think your fitness knowledge is lacking in any key areas?
– What are your reasons for going to the gym?
– Are you happy with the rate of results you are currently seeing?
– Are you disciplined both inside and outside the gym (notably, with your diet)?

Take the time to decide exactly which things are most important to you. Maybe you want to improve your diet or just reinvigorate your tired old routines. After doing this, you can get to work finding a personal trainer who’s skill-set best correlates with what you’re looking to achieve.

Here at Ultimate Fitness Birmingham, we have 10 fully qualified personal trainers each with years of experience spent training hundreds of people. You can find out more about each one, by heading over to this page here. Alternatively, just pop in and discuss your ambitions in person. We would be more than happy to help you to decide which personal trainer is best placed to support you.


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