If you are a member here at Ultimate Fitness Birmingham, then you will already know that we take our jobs very seriously. We continually strive to provide the perfect arena for people of all shapes and sizes to work out and to hit their fitness goals. What this means for us is providing only the finest in leading workout equipment, here comes Hammer Strength.

That is why we are proud to stock and make use of the expertly manufactured equipment from Hammer Strength. The company was founded back in 1989, and have gone from strength to strength over the years. They are now a part of the large Life Fitness brand and are known for their quality craftsmanship across a wide array of workout equipment.

What equipment do Hammer Strength provide?

Hammer Strength have increased their range year-on-year to include most kinds of heavy-duty workout equipment. Their range consists of everything from strength training racks for those looking to build mass, right through to cable equipment well-suited to all kinds of people. If you have worked out in any gym across the UK, it is likely you have come across at least one piece of Hammer Strength equipment

They are well known for their ability to craft heavy metal into large and stable pieces of workout apparatus. They are designed for use by all individuals and can withstand an incredible amount of heavy use each and every day. This makes them perfect for Ultimate Fitness, where many of our members take their weightlifting and powerlifting very seriously.

Why do we support Hammer Strength?

It is true that Hammer Strength is not the only manufacturer around for high-quality equipment. That is why we spent a long time sourcing our suppliers to decide which one would be able to provide exactly what our members need. Here are just some of the reasons we finally decided to use Hammer Strength as one of our main manufacturers.

Their equipment all comes individually tried and tested prior to being shipped, ensuring both safety and quality.

They are one of the UK’s biggest distributors of equipment, meaning the company is one of the most experienced around for repeatedly building great equipment.

Their diverse range of equipment allowed us to select individual pieces we know would compliment our gym and our members.

Hammer Strength is a part of the much larger life Fitness brand, which is well respected all around the world, not just the UK.

Essentially, they were able to offer us the right equipment based on what our members have told us they need. They could also guarantee the highest quality of machinery around, giving us peace of mind that they would stand the test of time, and that they would be safe for our members to use.

Using Hammer Strength to improve your performance

If you’ve visited us here at Ultimate Fitness, then you will be aware that Hammer Strength is not the only manufacturer whose equipment we use. We also stock equipment from companies like Atlantis Gym Equipment and Watson Dumbbells. What this means is we have brought together the best collection of workout equipment you are likely to find anywhere in the UK.

We welcome you to try out all of our Hammer Strength equipment and to incorporate it into your weekly routines. With a mixture of cable, free weight and plate-loaded machinery, you will find that Hammer Strength can help to make each and every workout different. This allows you to rigorously exercise all the muscles in your body, allowing you to achieve maximal results after each and every session.

Every member of our team is fully trained on how to properly use the Hammer Strength equipment. So, if you have any questions at all, then they are the best people to speak to. They can show you how to get the most out of every machine and can offer unique ways to mix-up and reinvigorate boring routines you might have.