At Ultimate Fitness Birmingham, we believe in always offering our customers the best quality and most recent equipment available. That is why we are proud to be the first and only UK-based gym that now has the innovative Booty Builder. This advanced piece of workout equipment has already taken Europe and the US by storm and we believe it is time to provide our customers with the benefits it offers. So here is a look at our new Booty Builder.

Who is the Booty Builder for?

First developed by Haakon A. Larsen who is one of Europe’s finest and most prestigious inventors of workout equipment. The Booty Builder is designed to offer optimal workout of your gluteus maximus muscles and to help build stronger legs. It is based on the more traditional Hip-Thrust movement that provides optimal glute activation whilst also working your hamstrings and core. The Booty Builder is the perfect piece of exercise equipment as it takes an awkward and challenging movement and makes it easy for anyone to perform. This machine can be used by both men and women who have any degree of gym experience. Due to the wide range of weight you can use, it can be fully customised to suit anyone. It is also very straightforward to understand and use.

Why should people use the Booty Builder?

Compared to other methods of working your glute muscles and core, the Booty Builder offers a lot of unique benefits. This includes the following:

It is safer as it requires you to use less equipment

It is far more hassle-free compared to exercises like the Hip-Thrust

It allows you to perform a fuller hip flexion range of motion

It is incredibly easy to use

It takes up no floor space in the free weights section

It offers flexibility in adjusting the weight. From no weights, to loaded weight and to bands plus loaded weight

How does the Booty Builder improve the service we offer?

The reason we have invested in the Booty Builder is that we believe it offers a superior level of service for everyone visiting our gym. And here are just some of the ways that it helps us do exactly this.

– Designed to improve flexibility and strength. This will then help to improve all other areas of your workout routine as well

– It is already incredibly popular all across Europe and the US and we believe that everyone in the UK should have access to the same high-quality level of equipment

– It helps avoid users taking up lots of space and equipment performing outdated and less effective glute exercises

– Introducing the Booty Builder is just one way that we can help keep the gym modern and exciting for everyone visiting

– Most importantly, people using this actually get results! The sole purpose of any gym is to provide its users with the right equipment to help them achieve their fitness goals. The Booty Builder is just one step we have taken to help improve the service we offer and to keep exercising fun and effective for everybody. If you are not yet a member of Ultimate Fitness Birmingham, then we would love for you to visit us and check out the service we offer. We will even let you have a go on our brand new Booty Builder. If you are still unsure about joining a gym, take a read about the many reasons now is time to, here.

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