As a facility that truly believes in providing an optimal workout experience to all our members and helping them to get results, we could see no alternative than to start stocking Atlantis Gym Equipment. Founded almost 40 years ago, Atlantis has grown dramatically in popularity to become Canada’s largest manufacturer of commercial strength equipment. They are the go-to equipment provider for thousands of gyms all around the world and their tried and tested quality is perfect for us here at Ultimate Fitness Birmingham.

What do Atlantis provide?

Atlantis provides a diverse array of workout equipment, and we have taken the best they offer from a number of different product ranges. This includes the best in the market for cable, machine, and free weight workout equipment. You’ll find that we offer equipment that is suitable for use by both men and women and that can be tailored to the demands of new and experienced bodybuilders alike. When they were first founded, the biggest issue facing the market was a lack of reliable and sturdy equipment being manufactured. Today, all Atlantis gym equipment is designed and built to undergo regular and heavy usage.

Why do we believe in Atlantis?

We are very passionate about the service we provide, and 100% endorse the Atlantis equipment that we supply to our members. Here are just some of the reasons we trust them so much.

They are a specialist supplier

Atlantis’s founder, Raymond Sansoucy, is an ex-bodybuilding champion who really does know his stuff. Over the last 36 years, he has built a highly trained team around him that know what works and how to build superior equipment.

They have superior ergonomics and biometrics

What this means is that you can really feel the difference when using Atlantis equipment. Compared to standard equipment suppliers, Atlantis offers equipment that better suits the needs of those using it.

Safety and reliability

The safety of our members is our first and foremost priority, so we need gym equipment that we know will not falter under heavy use. Compared to other manufacturers, Atlantis’s equipment is far more durable and renowned for its craftsmanship and safety.

How can Atlantis help improve your workouts?

Due to the variety of tailored Atlantis gym equipment machines we offer, you are able to achieve full variety and customisation in your workouts. You can tweak your workouts and make use of the diverse array of Atlantis equipment we stock. You can tackle each muscle group with a combination of free weight, cable, and mechanical equipment. Whilst doing so, you can trust that the equipment you are using is safe and reliable and will never let you down. There is a reason that Atlantis has become so popular over the years and why thousands of gyms now stock them. Simply put, it’s because their equipment gets results.

Alongside Atlantis, you will find that we offer other state-of-the-art workout equipment that only leading gyms are currently providing. Atlantis is just one of the steps we have taken to ensure we are better than the other gyms around and to make sure we offer our members a superior workout experience each and every time. If you are not yet a member of ours, then we invite you to come down and check out our gym. You can experience our Atlantis equipment first hand and see the amazing workout facility we have built.

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