April, 2022


The dictionary definition is “consistent behaviour or treatment”. Nothing about this suggests a “quick fix”. Whilst you can order the weird and wonderful products on amazon and in some cases, have it the same day. Amazon was built on someone consistently working hard.

Take weight loss, for example. In order to lose weight, you have to consistently remain in a deficit. Sticking to the deficit Monday-Friday afternoon and then binging on alcohol and take-aways at the weekend isn’t being consistent.



Fitness related goals, business goals, relationship goals, whatever they are, consistency is integral to you achieving those goals.

How do you stay consistent? One of the best ways to ensure you remain consistent is to be accountable to someone, such as a coach. Do not undervalue having a coach who understands your goals.

Your coach is someone who will keep you on track and motivated to achieve your goal. Someone who can make the necessary adjustments to your plan when they need them. Not because “it’s about time”.

Having a coach should also provide you with an element of education, which if you are truly invested (not just financially in the process), implementing those newfound habits in your life is not such a big deal.

One of the biggest tips we could offer is to stop overwhelming yourself. Stop thinking that when Monday comes you need to change 101 variables. When you could simply channel your efforts into drinking more water and sticking to a calorie goal, for example. Whilst you need to make an effort now, the hope is that your efforts to be consistent means these habits are not second nature.

If you are struggling with your consistency, get in touch with us at UFB and we can help you find the best coach for you, should you feel this is the best option for you. Achieving your goals shouldn’t be a chore, it’ll take a bit of time, but it’ll be so worth it.

Take a look at some amazing before and after results of people who have been consistent with their goals!


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