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MAY,  2019

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Some people like to spend their holidays unwinding on a beach or chilling by the pool sampling cocktails and soaking up the sun. For others, the yearly trip abroad signifies a chance to be adventurous, get the adrenaline flowing and try something unique. At Ultimate Fitness, we are all about promoting a healthy and active outdoor lifestyle coupled with a fulfilling and nutritious diet, so for us, it’s activity holidays all the way! To help you find some motivation for your next trip away, here’s your comprehensive guide to activity holidays around the world, as well as what local delicacies to expect to find in each location.

Skiing in Switzerland

In Europe, the Alps cross no less than 8 different countries and offer some of the best skiing opportunities in the world. Arguably, the slopes are no better than at St Moritz in Switzerland, which is also the world’s oldest winter holiday resort. With 322 days of sunshine every year and 350km of pistes, there’s something for skiers of all proficiency levels, and plenty of opportunities to practice your skills all year round. The clean invigorating mountain air and challenging slopes will leave you tired, yet energised and full of new life once you return back home.

Local Swiss cuisine

Beyond the slopes, St Moritz is also known for its wealth of world-class restaurants that are set in nothing short of a magnificent landscape. Guests can dine on the finest cuisine from all across Europe, or try the local delicacies which include paper-thin air-dried beef served with locally made cheese and polenta. Though the area does typically tend towards those with a higher budget, there really is something for everyone.

Activity holiday spent surfing in Bali

Any lover of surfing will know about the infamous Indonesian island called Bali. The main surfing spots here are in South Kuta, which is the southernmost point of the island. The impressive thing about Bali, and why it draws in tourists, thrillseekers and backpackers all year round is due to the ever-present abundance of waves that are suitable for all skill levels. In the summer months, most find themselves on the Western coast at 8 am swimming out in 30-degree waters getting ready to start their day with a morning on the waves.

Local cuisine

Bali is well known for a number of Indonesian specialities, this includes Sate which is a selection of skewered meats, such as chicken, goat, fish, mutton, beef, pork or turtle meat, that can be dipped in spicy marinades. Alternatively, try Nasi Ayam which is their delightfully prepared take on chicken and rice, and of course, includes a selection of local marinades. One word of advice, traditional food favours spice in their recipes, so if you want to forgo the heat make sure to ask for “without the sambal”.

Cycling tour of Nepal

We’ve all heard of cycling holidays across Spain, the US and even South Africa, but this option is something altogether more adventurous. this guide on the park should help you with what you need to know.

Local cuisine

Traditional food that is still found all across Chile includes pastel de choclo, cazuela, asado and most famously empanadas. These are pastries that come stuffed with a vast array of fillings including, chicken beef, cheese, fish, vegetables and mussels. It’s also hard to leave Chile without trying their national drink which is Pisco; it tastes very similar to rum but has an added kick to help you stay warm in your tent at night.

Swimming and diving in the Caribbean

With warm crystal clear waters, never-ending beaches and glorious all-day sun, it is fair to say the Caribbean has to be your go-to choice for a swimming and diving holiday. Plenty of companies even offer tours whereby instead of staying in just one location, you are able to island hop over the period of a week or more and get to experience what every island has to offer. Or if you like your adventure holidays to be a little more secluded, you can head for an exclusive trip to Bonaire, which is one of the smallest islands in the Caribbean and is largely untouched. The Front Porch is a reef there that is both stunning to witness and gives you close encounters with yellowhead jawfish and squid.

Caribbean cuisine

The Caribbean is well known for its large variety of barbequed meats that often come in a spicy jerked sauce. You can’t leave the islands without experiencing the fresh tasty seafood on offer, including the local delicacy known as flying fish. Beyond this, you can try what is known as pepperpot, which is a stew made with beef as well as all of the locally grown ingredients, such as squash, aubergine, potatoes and okra.

So if you’re looking for some ideas for your next adventure holidays around the world, then hopefully this has helped give you some inspiration. You will get the unique chance, at all of the above destinations, to experience the chance to get fit whilst abroad and to enjoy local cuisines. It’s important to experience the culture as much as possible wherever you go and to enjoy healthy meal times to supplement the busy activities.


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