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Voted Midland’s best independent gym

Ultimate Fitness Birmingham is based in the heart of Birmingham City Centre and has transformed the lives and physiques of thousands of people over the years.

They provide you with the best equipment and a motivational environment so you can achieve the physique you want.

Whether you are at the beginning of your fitness journey or about to step on stage for the first time we will help you get there.

Atlantis Gym Birmingham City Centre

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Hammer Strength Gym Birmingham City Centre

Hammer Strength Centre

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What should I choose Ultimate Fitness Gym Birmingham?

Ultimate Fitness Birmingham opened its doors in 2013 by Simon Fan, a former British Bodybuilding Champion with over 30 years of experience in the Bodybuilding and Fitness industry. Simon has put his passion and knowledge into building one of the most prestigious gyms in the UK.

Ultimate Fitness Birmingham is based in the heart of Birmingham City Centre. Catering for all fitness levels, from beginners to advanced, we have an extensive range of the best quality equipment ranging from Hammer Strength, Atlantis, Cybex and Prime to help you achieve your physique goals. At Ultimate Fitness Birmingham, we are constantly reinvesting back into the business to stay ahead of the competition.

More importantly, we provide a motivational yet friendly environment for members to train in, and we have knowledgeable staff and personal trainers happy to help you at all times. With some of the country’s top athletes and Bodybuilding champions training here at Ultimate Fitness Birmingham, we’ve had the pleasure of hosting fitness legends Ronnie Coleman, Jay Cutler, Phil Heath, Dorian Yates, Kai Greene and many more!

It doesn’t matter if you are a World Class athlete or a total beginner in the gym. We welcome everyone through our doors.
Come down and try us out. You will not be disappointed!

What type of equipment do you have at your gym?

We have an extensive range of quality equipment, including Hammer Strength, Atlantis, and Cybex, to help you achieve your physique goals. At Ultimate Fitness Birmingham, we are constantly re-investing back into the business to stay ahead of the competition.

Hammer Strength Equipment

Since it began, Hammer Strength has expanded its selection to include the most heavy-duty exercise machines. Their product line includes everything from cable equipment, strength racks and platted machines. All of which support any muscle-orientated goals.

They are renowned for their skill in forging heavy metal into sizable, sturdy pieces of exercise equipment. They can withstand a tremendous amount of daily heavy use and are made to be used by everyone.

Many of our members take their weightlifting and powerlifting very seriously, making them ideal for Ultimate Fitness. You may have used at least one piece of Hammer Strength equipment if you have worked out in any UK gym.

Atlantis Gym Equipment

Atlantis offers various exercise equipment, and we've selected the best among their various product lines. This includes the top machines, cables, and free weights available on the market. You'll discover that we provide gear that is appropriate for both men and women and that can be customised to meet the needs of both beginning and seasoned bodybuilders. When they were first established, the market's biggest problem was the need for more dependable and durable equipment being produced. All modern gym equipment from Atlantis is built to withstand heavy and frequent use.


In the fitness industry, the Cybex research centre is a pioneer in providing a solid scientific foundation for creating exercise equipment. Cybex equipment has over 90 patents and is designed with innovation, durability, and biomechanical accuracy.

Their skilled team of designers and engineers has dedicated themselves for more than 40 years to achieving significant scientific breakthroughs and real-world results in the pursuit of fitness perfection. Cybex products are created and manufactured in a cutting-edge U.S. manufacturing facility and exported to 90 nations.

If you are interested in using our amazing selection of cutting edge gym equipment, book a tour now with our online form. 


Where is your gym based in Birmingham City Centre?

Our address is 100 Holloway Head, Birmingham, B1 1NB. You can use this in Google or Apple Maps to plan your route. We are based in Birmingham City Centre, opposite the peace gardens and Tesco Express Bath Row.

Walking Directions from New and More Street Stations.

From New Street Station

Come out of the main entrance and onto the station road. Cross over at the crossing closest to boots on the opposite side of the road and walk down the hill of station road. Carry on walking down until you come to the big roundabout next two the big two-tower apartment blocks. Walk under the subway and exit on the left-hand side of the ride directly opposite. Then walk up to Holloway Head, stating on the left-hand side, we are just a little up Penta Hotel, with a Chinese supermarket underneath us—our entrance is on the corner of Sutton Road.

From Moor Street Station

Come out of the main entrance to the zebra crossing, which leads to a walkway under the bridge of the Bull Ring. Keep walking on the left, and you will see Boots on your left. When you come to the big roundabout next two the big two-tower apartment blocks, walk under the subway and exit on the left-hand side of the ride directly opposite. Then walk up to Holloway Head, stating on the left-hand side, we are just a little up Penta Hotel, with a Chinese supermarket underneath us—our entrance is on the corner of Sutton Road

How do I join Ultimate Fitness Gym Birmingham?

There are two ways to join our gym in Birmingham City Centre
1) Speak with the staff at the entrance, and they will set up a pay-as-you-go account monthly.
2) If you have been to the gym before and want to get started on a monthly membership, you can do this online here.

Is your gym unisex? Would I feel comfortable as a woman?

We pride ourselves on creating a fully inclusive environment where all are welcome! Any poor behaviour from members is not tolerated, and we have a strict one-strike rule, and you are banned. We aim to create a sense of family here at Ultimate Fitness!

How do I choose the right gym for me?

This will depend on the type of gym you are looking for and your goals. We are not a mainstream commercial gym with generic equipment. Our gym caters to technical enthusiasts with the best resistance training equipment available, anatomically designed to ensure the best range of movement while achieving the best results. Si Fan, our founder, visits gyms worldwide and has an extensive career in the bodybuilding industry.

Our members join because of the atmosphere, the equipment and the first-class advice and personal training we can provide. We are the place for you if you want to train hard and seriously. If you want to compete competitively, you should not be going anywhere else.

However, if you are just looking for a nice place to do some cardio or lift weights near the city centre, we can cater for this too!

Here are our top 8 factors to consider when choosing the right gym.
  1.  Location: Choose a gym that is conveniently located near your home or workplace. This will make it easier to stick to a regular workout routine.
  2. Equipment: Make sure the gym has a wide variety of equipment to meet your fitness needs. This includes cardio machines, strength training equipment, and free weights.
  3. Cost: Gym memberships can vary in price. Make sure to compare the cost of different gyms and choose one that fits your budget. We know we are fantastic value for money!
  4. Cleanliness: A clean gym is a healthy gym. Take a tour of our gym, and you will see it’s clean, with excellent shower facilities.
  5. Staff: The staff at the gym should be friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful. Make sure you feel comfortable asking them for assistance or advice.
  6. Atmosphere: The gym’s atmosphere should be welcoming and motivating. Choose a gym where you feel comfortable and supported in your fitness journey.
  7. Trial Membership: You can benefit from doing a one-day gym or weekly pass before joining. Take advantage of these offers to try the gym before committing to a long-term membership.
  8. Contract: We have both contract and none contract gym memberships, which offer great flexibility. Learn more here.

We know it can be a daunting experience to find the right gym. We are here to help; give us a call on 0121 389 8602 or speak to one of our team members in the gym if you have any questions.

Which gym membership is worth it?

A gym membership is definitely worth it. It gives you access to a variety of equipment and classes and provides motivation and accountability to keep up with your fitness goals.

Here are some top tips to make the most out of your gym membership:

1. Set specific goals and track your progress.
2. Mix up your routine to prevent boredom and challenge your body.
3. Don't be afraid to ask for help from trainers or staff.
4. Make it a habit to go regularly, even if it's just for a short workout.
5. Find a workout buddy or join a class to stay motivated and accountable. Keep up the great work!

Is there are minimum age limit for the gym?

While we actively encourage and support active lifestyles, especially in children. Our policy at UFB is that you need to be 15 before you can work out. Also, a parent or guardian will always be required.

Does the gym affect height?

This is a myth; no scientific evidence exists that resistance training limits growth and stature.

Does lifting weight burn belly fat?

Weight training is an essential tool in any fitness and fat loss program. Evidence suggests that more calories are burned after resistance training than cardio alone. Your body continues to burn calories for longer when engaging in muscle-strengthening exercises. However, it’s impossible to target fat loss with exercise; you cannot control which fat stores your body uses if you are in a calorie deficit.

If you are looking to burn fat and get fit, get started by popping in or contacting us to arrange a tour of our award-winning Gym in Birmingham City Centre

Is 40 too old to join a gym?

You are always young enough to start a new training program and work on your body. However, it’s more prudent to ensure you exercise correctly and rest accordingly. Recovery during resting periods is equally important as exercising, and it is possible to overdo it as we age—our acceptability of issues like injury increases.

Here are our top reasons to join our gym at any age.

1. Exercise is excellent when you have lots of equipment to choose from.
2. The sense of community at Ultimate Fitness Birmingham sets us apart from other gyms. We regularly hold member events and actively encourage a sense of family.
3. We have worked hard on creating the right environment to encourage you to focus and achieve your goals.
4. The many health benefits of a gym go broader than physical health.